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Film soundtrack composer

Tamara has composed music for a diverse range of projects including films, animation, theatre and radio. Tamara trained as a classical pianist and later extended her musical horizons to include her love of jazz, blues, Latin and other world music styles.

Her music combines many of these influences and she feels equally at home composing in these other genres as she does in the classical mould.

Tamara grew up in London and was introduced to classical music at an early age by her father, a talented violinist. After university her fascination for Latin America took her to Brazil where she spent several years working and studying Brazilian music.

Later at Goldsmiths University she studied Latin piano, composition, arranging and jazz.

Tamara has always enjoyed the challenge of composing in different genres to give a piece it's distinct musical flavour. In the Italian art house movie "Indian Dream" she juxtaposes ethnic melodies alongside classical strains to create two different fantasy worlds.

In the Aeschylus play "Choephori" shown at the Bloomsbury theatre she found it creatively challenging to compose vocal music for choral lines that don't have an iambic metre.

Other film music includes "African Footsteps", an African style uptempo composition for the branding advert at the Rome International Film Festival and a Philip Glass style composition for some animation.

Tamara has just finished her first album "Kaleidoscope", a diverse mix of the classical, jazz, funk and Latin influences she has grown up with.